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Nogray Kit


Nogray Kit is a combi pack of Nogray Serum, Nogray Lotion and Nogray Shampoo that helps in reducing premature greying of hair naturally.

A complete care for premature greying of hair

Proven to enhance black pigmentation of hair.

Magical herb acts and absorbs the UV portion of sun light resulting in regimentation of hair.

Removes the excess hydrogen peroxide level which will result in greying of hair.

Restores grey hair to original color.

Beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair .

Murraya Koenigii and Phyllantus Emblica are time tested ingredients for treatment of Grey Hair.

Uses scientifically proven natural ingredients to help to reduce premature greying of hair.

Minimum 3 to 6 months visible results can be found.

Usage:Apply 1 to 5 pump of Nogray Serum to the affected area once or twice daily. Gently massage and allow 10 second to dry then style hair as usual. Don't wash hair for at least for four Hours. It is advisable to expose your hair in morning sunlight (between 7 am to 9AM). Apply Nogray shampoo to wet hair and massage into the Scalp and work into lather. After leaving for few minutes rinse it with water. Nogray Lotion can be applied daily as it is a non sticky Lotion.For Nogray Lotion also It is advisable to expose your hair in morning sunlight (between 7 am to 9AM)


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