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Aldhiya Tanfree: Luban De-Tanning Lotion

Luban infused skin renenwal lotion for detanning of skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone

Aldhiyaa Tanfree Lotion is skin renewal lotion for complete detanning of skin and it also helps in removal of dead skin cells. Luban with added benefits of biological actives helps to remove tanning and pigmentation. Perfect and safe lotion for lightening of dark elbow, pigmented bikini line, chest and back acne, uneven and pigmented skin tone. Works best for all skin types and reduces the occurrence of acne, fine lines and other common skin problems due to pollution & the harsh sun.

This lotion is formulated to help relieve rough, dry and environmentally damaged skin. Repeated use of Aldhiya Tanfree lotion reduces the appearance of sun damage, ageing, pigmentation, acne, in-grown hair, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to reduce acne marks on the back, shoulder and chest. It also helps to reduce blackheads and whiteheads.

Active Ingredients:

A Luxury night care Detanning preparation with skin renewal property of Frankinsence (Luban) oil, Sugarcane extract, Milk extract, Japanese Mushroom extract, Rice extract, Aloe Vera, Urea and Natural Luban Perfume

Usage : Apply to the Face, hands, legs and/or body once daily at night. Gently smooth in the lotion until it disappears. Daily use of sunscreen during day time is recommended with use of this product. Can also be used as a face mask for 3 hrs twice a week for oily skin to reduce oiliness. Great as Primer pre make-up .Apply for 3hrs 2 days before any event to brighten & smoothen the skin surface.

Apply this lotion gently on the skin without rubbing it.


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