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Best Cosmetics Company in Muscat Oman

Best Cosmetics Manufacturing Company in Muscat Oman

About Origo

Origo Integrated Projects (OIP) based at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, is the headquarter for all Origo group of companies. Origo has its presence in India, Thailand, Russia, Mauritius, Middle East and African Countries. OIP’s 100% natural and herbal cosmetic products and supplements have gained reputation across the world for their quality and authenticity.

Origo’s state-of-the-art product design and manufacturing facilities matches the best standard worldwide. The Company’s vast experience and expertise in handling customers in the Middle East and African region, gives them an added advantage.. Thus it is one of the Best Cosmetics Manufacturing Company in Muscat Oman

Best Cosmetics Company in Muscat Oman

The World of Natural Beauty!

“Bring Home The Nature”

Best Cosmetic Manufacturing Company in Muscat Oman

It’s essential to take care of our surrounding, body & skin to maintain all the beauty in and around us. We bring all exclusive products from the globe that fulfils our client's need and necessity. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience with our natural effective skin care regimen and products from Best Cosmetics Company in Muscat Oman.

“Nature Enriches Beauty”

With the belief in this simple truth, we've come to be known as the World's Premier and Luxurious Skin and Beauty care Company. Our product reflects the health, beauty and diversity of those who use it. Our opportunity enables the pursuit of beauty as it relates to the comfort of life, work, home and family. And our vision guides us toward a beautiful future, inspired by the successes of our brands across. True to our reputation as innovators, we've created a proprietary new kind of success--the kind that's more than skin deep.

“Live With Beauty Of Nature”

We create traditional plant-based highest standard and quality beauty solution products, Organic oils, Butters and also healing and beautifying products for normal to extremely dry skin, damaged hair and scalp. Origo Integrated Projects range of skin and beauty care products are inspired by the timeless Ayurveda beauty of nature and address various skin and beauty care needs.

Origo range skin care products include Moisturizers, Serums, Cleansers, Toners, Body Wash, Exfoliators, Acne and Oil Correctors, Facial Masks, Scrubs, Detanning Lotions, Sunscreens, Under Eye Gels, Skin Lightening Creams and Skin lightening Soaps. Origo products are developed by a team of professional pharmacists and enthusiastic doctors for use on our body such as the face, lips, eyes, hands, legs, nails and intimate areas for both men and women. Origo Integrated Projects also manufactures markets and sells an array of pre makeup skin care products that prevents skin dullness due to use of colour cosmetics. It also brings out related items to its customers like natural oils, attars, alcohol free fragrances, perfumes, house cleaning products and other natural daily use products. Origo also refrains from testing any of its products on animals.

“Your Aura Is Shining”

Origo Integrated Projects offers skin care and fragrance products for both men and women and also offers nutritional supplements for the whole family. Origo’s fragrances are available in various forms including eau de perfume, sprays and pure extracts as well as in lotions, creams, and soaps with particular fragrance. Origo’s hair care products include hair Serums, Lotions, Shampoos, and Conditioners for both hair loss and grey hair.

“Beauty Is Business”

Origo Integrated Projects markets its products principally through distribution channels which include upscale department stores, multi-brand retailers, upscale perfumeries and pharmacies, salons and spas. Origo products are also marketed by its own stores, authorized retailer websites, stores in airports, on cruise ships, in-flight and duty-free shops. Origo also aims to sell its products directly to consumers online through company-owned and operated e-commerce and m-commerce sites across the World.

Best Cosmetic Manufacturing Companies in Muscat Oman


OIP’s prime objectives are to provide world-class innovative natural and herbal products to its wide range of global customers, to fulfil all the skin and beauty necessity of its customers and to make its customers more beautiful and healthy. Also to provide fair and profitable business opportunities to its partners and associates.

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OIP vision is to become one of the best international company in manufacturing and catering herbal cosmetic, cleaning products, pest control products and eco-friendly products and also envision the capacity building by the year 2025.OIP with Its extensive R&D and innovative product design wants to achieve an international reputation, which is a source of Omani pride.

Best Cosmetic Companies Muscat Oman


OIP’S Mission is to be at the helm of natural cosmeceuticals. And they want to achieve that by:

  • Setting very high standards in the areas of R&D, Product Innovation, Manufacturing, and Customer Service
  • Being the most preferred supplier/vendor for their partners across the world
  • Being one of the most sought after natural & cosmeceutical brands across countries and continents,
  • To create a flexible culture in our organization with integration and collaboration across internal team and with our partners locally and internationall



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