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Asta Gluta

Faster Skin Lightening & Age Defying


How it Works:Astagluta Astaxanthin, the King of Antioxidants, is superb for circulation, heart health, inflammation, sperm health, Improve Sperm Health & Fertilization Rates and so much more. Astagluta Astaxanthin supplements increases both spontaneous pregnancies as well as those after intrauterine insemination. It may help maintain natural testosterone levels in aging men.
A 100% Pure Natural Super Antioxidant & acts as Skin "force field" & Radiation shield. It is potentially an Oral Natural sunscreen, provides potent protection against ultraviolet radiation, and rejuvenates skin from within, helps in prevention of wrinkles, dry skin, age spots and freckles, Reverses UV-induced visible signs of aging.

Stability & Storage:Astagluta Astaxanthin may be stored for36 months from the date of manufacturing in a dry and dark place. The expiry date is printed on the box.

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