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Origo Integrated Projects (OIP) based at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, is the headquarter for all Origo group of companies

Origo has its presence in India, Thailand, Russia, Mauritius, Middle East and African Countries. OIP’s 100% natural and herbal cosmetic products and supplements have gained reputation across the world for their quality and authenticity.

Origo’s state-of-the-art product design and manufacturing facilities matches the best standard worldwide. The Company’s vast experience and expertise in handling customers in the Middle East and African region, gives them an added advantage.

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Our Pride- Luban oil

The Natural Remedies / Herbs / Herbal Medicine -- The Frankinsence Oil
We take pride in presenting to you the most purest & highest quality of Frankinsense or Luban oil which is blended perfectly in each of our products.
Along with being a very sacred & holy substance, Luban oil is known for its' beneficial effect on every part of the human body.
Here are a few of its beneficial properties:

  • Reduces Stress & Builds In Positivity
  • Boosts Immune System, May Help Fight Cancer Cells
  • Brings Skin Radiance, Prevents Ageing, A Good Astringent & Digestive Agent
  • Lowers anxiety and aids in sleep
  • May help relieve skin problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, acne, Ichthyosis, Cold sore, Blister, Hives, Actinic Keratosis, Carbuncle, Latex allergy, Cellulitis, warts, Keratosis Pilaris and a smooth youthful skin.



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